This week we are moving on to the slightly more advanced Three Point Fold in our How to fold your tartan pocket square series. This fold was originally brought to our attention after asking our photographer to "fold the pocket squares nicely" in a recent photo shoot. When the photos arrived with us here in the office we were all instantly impressed with the style of fold and began to wonder how we went about replicating this, being quite a feminine office this wasn't something we had a lot of practice with previously. Tartan-Pocket-Squares

The Three Point Fold

This is certainly one of the more flash pocket square folds out there and will definitely help you stand out from the crowd. Use a bright contrasting colour to lighten up a dark suit, or pick out the colour of your favourite stripe in a tartan jacket to make the most out of your pocket square. The 3 point fold is easier with a stiffer fabric such as wool which will hold the shape of the points better than a soft silk or satin. Three-Point-Pocket-Square

How to create the Three Point Fold

1. Start with the pocket square unfolded and the edges facing up towards you.Tartan Pocket Sqaure - The Three Point Fold 2. Fold the pocket square in half diagonally, although the fold should be off-centre so that you create two separate points. Top tip: when creating the fold bring the fold to the left hand side. Tartan Pocket Sqaure - The Three Point Fold 3. Take the bottom left hand corner and fold this across the front of the two points already created, this will be your third point so try to arrange this to be a similar size to the two existing points. This may take a little practice! Tartan Pocket Sqaure - The Three Point Fold 4. Now fold the bottom right hand corner inwards to the left, so that the bottom of the pocket square can fit within your pocket. Tartan Pocket Sqaure - The Three Point Fold 5. Place the pocket square into your pocket and adjust as necessary.Help For Heroes Tartan Bowtie and Pocket Sqaure
Send us some photos of your favourite pocket square folds or email us for more top tips on how to become a more dapper Scottish gent.