These are brilliant little napkins rings and so easy to make. A good project for the kids on christmas eve! Recycle cardboard tubes by cutting them in to small portions (approximately 2 inch or 5cm) and covering with fabric remnants. You don't need much fabric either and you can mix and match your tartans or if you want to be really clever have a specific tartan for each guest or family member. For this project we are using MacFarlane Ancient tartan with yellow stitched ribbon, double sided tape with tags (optional). How to make tartan napkins 1. Cut your tartan into rectangular shapes and add the double sided tape around the four edges of the fabric_R9A4964-1000 _R9A4966-1000 2. Add additional tape to both ends of the tubes. Don't you love double sided tape? Takes me back to Blue Peter days not that my mum ever bought me double sided tape, we just made our own with sellotape and you can of course do the very same. _R9A4972-1000 3. Roll the tube onto the fabric to stick. _R9A4975-1000 4. Push the fabric in so it sticks inside the walls of the tube_R9A4980-1000 _R9A4981-1000 5. Tie the yellow ribbon around the tube into a bow. This is your chance to pick out your favourite colour in the tartan with your ribbon colour. We do love this stitched ribbon but you can choose satin for a bit of glamour or a chiffon ribbon ties and drapes beautifully. Getting carried away now! _R9A4988-1000 The tag is optional but is a nice finishing touch and saves making place names. Another nice job for the children!_R9A5034a-1000We hope you enjoy making these very simple napkins rings and please share your creations with us as we love to see what happens to our tartans after they leave the building! For more napkins inspiration you might enjoy our other blog post or if you just want to buy some tablelinen and be done with it then you can do that here too.