A tartan scarf is one thing that you absolutely must have in your wardrobe. We sell so many different styles and sometimes finding just what you want is difficult. We have created a Tartan Scarf Guide just for you to guarantee you find the perfect scarf for every occasion. We have divided the guide into 2 sections: I need a scarf in my own tartan and I just want a gorgeous tartan scarf, so basically those available in hundreds and hundreds of tartans and those available in a limited range of lovely colours and checks. The choice is now yours!

I need a scarf in my own family tartan >

Brushed Wool Tartan ScarfHelp for Heroes Scarf

The traditional fluffy, soft, woolly scarf that is our best seller with the only drawback being that it is only available in a limited range of tartans. Pictured is the Help for Heroes tartan. If your tartan isn't listed then the next best thing is the Woven Tartan Scarf.

Woven Tartan ScarfWomens tartan cap

Available in 500 different tartans the Woven Scarf is made from a piece a 10oz lightweight wool fabric. Natalia wears the Aberdeen tartan. Nice and soft against your skin and very smart as it is finer and easy to pin with a brooch or wear knotted with your suit. If you want a much longer, Dr Who style scarf then our Tartan Sash is the one for you.

Tartan Infinity ScarfTartan infinity scarf

Brand new this season and the brainchild of Ali in the customer service department, the infinity scarf loops round twice giving lots of texture. You can have a totally tartan experience or line your scarf in a contrasting colour. Doesn't that pink satin look gorgeous with the MacMillan tartan? Subtle satins also available if you need to calm a busy tartan!

Tartan and Faux Fur ScarfHolyrood tartan scarf

I love this scarf - super cosy faux fur looped round your neck with a little strap for you to tuck the end under, holding it perfectly crossed to tuck just inside the collar of your jacket. If you want it longer or even made into a wrap we can of course do this too. Pictured is the Holyrood tartan with brown fur. You can choose Grey fur too with any tartan you fancy.

I just want a gorgeous tartan scarf >

Double Faced Tartan ScarfDouble faced scarf MacDuff

Combining two favourite Scottish motifs, check and herringbone, the Double Faced Scarves combine merino wool and cashmere for a supersoft finish and a different look. A top seller last Winter and a whole range of new colourways for you this year.

Fine Wool Stole ScarfGordon Dress Ancient Scarf Stole

We can't decide if this is a stole or a scarf, hence the name. This season's trend for textured, over-sized scarves makes the length of this one ideal for creating that look. But it will also drape nicely across your bare shoulders if you need an accessory for a dress.

Tartan Cashmere ScarfStewart Royal Cashmere Scarf

There is nothing quite like the luxury of Cashmere made in Scotland and if you aren't seeking a specific tartan and want a tactile accessory that then we have 17 different tartans for you to choose from.
Want a different size or shape? We custom make most of these scarf styles so we can cater to all your random requests. Just ask!