We sell fabric for all sorts of random projects and re-covering car seats seems to be a current favourite. Our polyviscose tartan fabric is the favourite but as the range is limited to get the correct tartan or a colour match the 16oz wool is another great option. More expensive but very hard wearing and gives a great finish. Here are a few of our favourites:

Porsche 911

Porsche Carrera tartan seats green-car-door green-porsche-911

The Bug

Lester contacted us when he wanted to re-upholster the seats in his gorgeous old vintage Beetle. The Cairn tartan in polyviscose gave a fantastic finish and goes so well with the silver exterior. Beetle tartan car seats Lester2 Lester3

Buchanan Ancient but which car?

We should know our cars as we are based just outside Duns, home to the Jim Clark rally and the Jim Clark Museum where you can follow the life and motor racing career of Jim Clark including his trophy collection and Formula 1 World Championship cups from 1963 and 1965. Despite our motoring background below is a customer photo from a wee while ago and we know this is the Buchanan Ancient tartan but aren't quite sure but which car? Answers on a postcard please! Buchanan tartan car seat

Golf Gti

And tartan seats are not just for vintage cars. The Golf Gti Sportline has tartan sport seats with a red stripe to match their trademark red double-stitch you always find on the door panels and seats.VW Golf GTI tartan seats


One of our favourites is the Lotus Exige Sport 350 which has black and yellow tartan check. The trim harks back to the '76 Esprit and isn't a traditional tartan but your best match in polyviscose would be the Litchfield tartan.Lotus tartan car seats
Are you looking for a specific tartan to restore a classic car? We love a challenge trying to match up the colours so email us your pictures and we will do our best.