So when do you use a tartan tablecloth and when do you use a tartan runner? There are no hard and fast rules but we do have some thoughts on the subject.
Personal taste, the look you are trying to create and the quality of the table being dressed are the key questions. If you have a really beautiful table top then you might not want to add anything at all apart from your finest crockery, cutlery and some stylish napkins to create a sophisticated or seasonal theme. However if you have a very beautiful table you might also want to protect it and a table runner is perfect for that. Water jugs and hot dishes can be safely placed along the centre of the table without fear of marking or damaging. Gordon tartan table runner We love a tartan tablerunner to add a splash of colour to proceedings. The favourite for Christmas and Hogmanay is the reds of the Stewart Royal, but for more subdued but still very festive tones the Lindsay Modern combines beautiful burgundy red and pine needle green for a sophisticated finish. Bolder and brighter tartans with a burnt orange hue include the Dundee Old and Wemyss Ancient tartans. Don't you love that word "Wemyss", pronounced Weems with a nice short "e" and the focus on the "m" if you want to sound proper Scottish! Stewart dress tartan tablerunner If your granny passed down a table with beautiful legs or special features this can also be a reason to choose a runner. No point in hiding your best assets and a runner will dress your table beautifully for a special occasion without losing the character of a quality table. If on the other hand you have chunky thighs or thick ankles then it would be best to choose a tablecloth which can make the ugliest of tables look quite fabulous. Our previous blog post will guide you on how to measure for the perfect tablecloth and explain the intricacies of drops and sizing, but the worse the legs are the longer you will need the drop to be. And here endith the tablecloth versus runner dilemma.
With over 500 tartans to choose from the difficulty is probably not whether you need a tablecloth or a tablerunner but more which tartan you will choose! If you need any help we are always on hand for questions.