This weekend was the Scottish Wedding Show, full of sparkle and tiaras and a really exciting first, and definitely not last, visit for us. We loved meeting you all! Watch this space for a full round up on the show to follow later this week. In the lead up to the wedding show we couldn't resist but start discussing our dream money no object day. This got us thinking about what we would have our Page boy wear and after some deliberation here are our top five suggestions on how to dress your page boy in tartan. Tartan Ring Cushion

1. The Kilt

What could be more traditionally Scottish than a kilt? An obvious choice maybe, but a kilt is always going to be a crowd-pleaser and especially with little ones the first time they get to wear a kilt can be a really fun and memorable experience. As you can see customer Laura's photo below (left), her boy's had a ball trying on their Morrison tartan kilts in preparation for the big day. Laura opted for wing collar shirts and bow ties to match with their kilts for her boys but you may prefer to go for the more casual ghillie shirt like Harry wears below (right). Boy's Wool Tartan Kilt

2. Tartan Shorts

Perfect for a summer wedding, tartan shorts are a really comfy option. Some little boys will refuse point blank to wear a kilt (really Mum? A skirt?), so shorts are a great stress free alternative for your young man. Shorts are great paired up with a matching tie and a short sleeved shirt is nice and cool for summer weddings and warmer climates. Boy's Tartan Shorts

3. Romper Suit

One for the teenie tots, the romper suit is just adorable! Grannies and grandads will be reaching for their tissues when they see your little one coming down the aisle, wearing the family tartan for the first time. To finish the outfit off to perfection we'd suggest a pair of matching baby shoes. Tartan Romper Suit

4. Tartan Trousers

We make our boy's tartan trousers in a machine washable fabric as well as our standard 10oz wool because we know what little boys are like. On a wedding day you've got lots to contend with from spills to knee slides along the dance floor you don't want to be worrying about a large dry cleaning bill afterwards. Boy's Tartan Trousers

5. Tartan Touches

If tartan isn't the main theme of the wedding and you are just looking to add a splash of tartan along the way then there are lot of accessories that can do just that. Add a colour pop to a plain coloured waistcoat with a co-ordinating tartan tie or bow tie. Janet chose to order a men's tartan tie for ring bearer Jake pictured below (left) to match daddy's tie and so that when he grows up he still has a reminder of the special day. The giant knot really works! Tartan Accessories
How will you dress your page boy? We'd love to see photos from your big day.