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O My Luve's Like A Red, Red Rose

'O My Luve's like a red, red roseThat's newly sprung in June;O My Luve's like the melodyThat's sweetly played in tune'- A Red, Red Rose by Robert BurnsIt wouldn't be a Scottish Valentine's Day without mentioning the old crooner Rabbie Burns! Notorious for his songs and poems about love and the lassies who captured his heart, we can imagine the [...]

Valentine's Day: O My Luve's Like A Red, Red Rose.

General content for Valentine's Day - what is Valentine's Day? Origins, what countries strongly celebrated in, how has it evolved over time, particular traditions in Scotland not followed elsewhere, romantic Scots both historically and current. Anything really to make it interesting and easy to read. This will link into the Valentine's singles [...]

Valentine's Day

If you are dreaming of being whisked away to Paris this Valentine’s day, but like me suspect that’s not going to happen, we have a pick of our top 5 romantic places in Edinburgh to eat this year. When you think of THE most romantic place in Edinburgh to eat The Witchery has to come at the top of the list. Called the “Ultimate Romantic Bolthole” [...]

#TartanTedUSA - Where is Tartan Ted spending Burns Night?

Back in November, just in time for St Andrew's Day Tartan Ted packed his suitcase and left ScotlandShop HQ to fly to California. Ted is now travelling from the West Coast to New York in time for New York Tartan Week. Ted initially spent a few days with The North Coast Scottish Society who are based in Eureka, California. The society kindly took [...]

The Whisky Poll: Time to Vote

Time to share your opinion. Vote for your favourite whisky to accompany the haggis, neeps and tatties this Burns Night. And of course if none of those featured are your favourite then make sure you share with us via email or social media just which whisky you will be enjoying a wee dram of on 25th January. webkitallowfullscreen [...]

Aberdeen: City and a rather lovely tartan

This weekend we head for the Granite City to share our tartans with those in the North of Scotland planning a wedding in the next few years. We love the Your Wedding Exhibition for it's friendly atmosphere and all the lovely people we meet over the course of the weekend. Just because you don't want tartan at your wedding doesn't mean we don't want [...]

The 5 best Scotch Whiskies to pair with your haggis this Burns' Night.

UsquebaughDefinition: (in Scotland and Ireland) whisky.Origin: Late 16th century from the Scottish Gaelic uisge beatha, meaning 'Water of Life'Water of Life!It's no secret that the Scottish love their whisky, with the earliest record of distillation in Scotland dating back to 1494 - which is believed to have began life as simply a way to make use [...]

What's new for weddings in 2019?

Ahead of the 'Your Wedding Exhibition' this weekend in Aberdeen, we thought we would take a look at the biggest wedding trends for 2019. This will either give you some inspiration for planning your own wedding or give you an idea of what you can expect to see when attending as a guest. Coral ColoursWhen Pantone release their colour of the year, [...]