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Unleash Your Inner Tartan: Clan Hannay

This weekend marks the 59th annual Clan Hannay Gathering which will be held in the county of Galloway in the West of Scotland. To mark the occasion of this special event we have decided to take a look at the rich history of this ancient clan. It was between 1185 and 1308 that the name first began to emerge initially as A'Hannay, over the years it [...]

Why do you need a Shoe Bag?

This question came up as we were running our golfing theme this week, and prompted much discussion, who had a shoe bag (or 10), why you would need a shoe bag and when you would use a shoe bag. And so another blog post was born.Why do you need a shoe bag?Predictably, your shoe bag is for your shoes. A shoe bag can take different forms, a simple [...]

How to - make a doggy bandanna

If you have been following our pet series so far you will be delighted to know this is the first in our 'how-to-guides'. In this blog we will be learning how to create our very own tartan dog bandanna. What you will need: Tartan FabricBasic sewing supplies/sewing machine Velcro (optional)For small dogs cut a 14" square of your fabric. For medium [...]

The Story of Brodick Castle

Brodick castle was built between 1250 and 1270, just one of three castles built at this time, the others being Kildonan and Lochranza. Located on a high wooded area of land at the foot of the Goatfell mountain range in Arran, the castle saw many a clan battle. The name Brodick is thought to derive from Breiðvík dating back to the Viking age and [...]

#TartanTedUSA - New York City Tartan Week

Since November #TartanTedUSA has been travelling from California towards the Big Apple ready to take part in New York City Tartan Week. We have just landed in New York and are delighted to say that Ted has arrived to meet us here! Ted started his journey with the North Coat Scottish Society on St Andrew's day and has visited many Scottish [...]

New York City Tartan Week - How does New York compare to Edinburgh?

Despite our Headquarters being in the sunny Scottish Borders, if you have been to visit the tartan team at ScotlandShop you are most likely to have headed to our Flagship store in the heart of Edinburgh's West End. We consider Edinburgh home, and The year we are taking our first trip stateside and will be running our first Pop-Up Store in New York [...]

#TartanTedUSA-Ted's Trip to the windy city

In November #TartanTedUSA headed to California to start his Stateside journey, ever since Ted has been travelling around the USA meeting as many Scottish Societies as possible along the way. This Week Ted has landed in the Windy City with Chicago Scots. Ted had been a little quite since Burns Night, so we were starting to get a little concerned [...]

New York City Tartan Week - Shot of Scotch NYC

• How did you first get involved in Highland Dancing? After watching my older sister have an early and very succesful start to her highland dance career, I told my parents I wanted to start, at age 7, as well. Luckily we were living in NC at the time where Scottish culture is easy to come by and a large highland dance community was established [...]