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Tales of Highland Dance - A Little History

A few weeks ago Sarah and Amy from the ScotlandShop team travelled to Dunoon for the Cowal Highland Gathering and an exciting weekend celebrating all that is great about Scottish culture and traditions. We met fellow clan and tartan enthusiasts, listened to the amazing sound of pipers from around the world and of course watched the Highland [...]

Cowal Highland Gathering: The Review

On the 22nd August Sarah and I travelled to Dunoon fully kitted out with all the tartan clothing, accessories and interiors you could think off, from a Baby Tartan Romper Suit to a full three piece suit, we even had an abundance of Truffles the highland Coo stashed away in our tartan van! We took the ferry on Wednesday night all prepped to [...]

ScotlandShop take on the Kilt Walk

This weekend six members of the ScotlandShop team will be donning their tartan and participating in the Edinburgh Kilt Walk to raise money for the children's charity Little Hearts Matter. This is a charity that is very close to our hearts, especially Kaye. Kaye's daughter, Colbie-Kate, suffers from congenital heart disease as only half her heart [...]

Clan MacLeod: Celebrating their Scottish Heritage

This summer the Clan MacLeod held their 16th Parliament which took place for the very first time in 1956. Dame Flora MacLeod of MacLeod first called the Gathering at Dunvegan Castle a Parliament and they meet every 4 years to celebrate the Clan's heritage and bring members together. Clan MacLeod is separated into two different branches; the [...]

Cashmere Story - Part 1 Made in Scotland

Many moons ago we wrote an article all about Cashmere and just why cashmere made in Scotland is so special. We explained how the quality that merits the Cashmere made in ScotlandTM label is achieved. All cashmere fibre comes from the finest underhair of the Cashmere goats in Mongolia and China. This underhair is found beneath the thick exterior [...]

Piping Stories: St John's College - Zimbabwe's World Champion Pipe Band

This summer was the start of the annual ScotlandShop Highland Games Tour, between July and August we visited four Highland Games in total; Loch Lomond, Bridge of Allan, North Berwick & Cowal. During our tour we met Pipe Bands who had travelled far and wide to compete at various Games this summer. Last week was the first in our series of Piping [...]

Unleash Your Inner Tartan - Clan Lamont Gathering

This weekend marks the 2018 Annual Lamont Clan Gathering held in Dunoon on the West Coast of Scotland. Every year the weekend after the Cowal Highland Gathering the Lamont's gather together for a packed weekend full of activities celebrating the clans heritage. This year the weekend kicks off with the AGM on the Saturday morning followed by the [...]

Piping Stories: Catamount - Vermont's World Class Pipe Band

A few weekends ago Anna, Harry and I took a short trip in the tartan van to the east coast of Scotland to attend the North Berwick 23rd International Highland Games. This was our first outing to the Games and we were truly astounded by the number of Pipe Bands competing. The only time I have ever been close to hearing that volume of pipe music [...]

Bavaria take on the Tug o' War at North Berwick Highland Games

When a group of friends from Southern Germany planned a trip to Scotland last year they did not realise they would be taking centre stage at the North Berwick Highland Games pulling on the end of a rope for all they were worth. Betty and Ellmer told us all about their friend who suggested they attend the Games and then took it upon himself to [...]

Customer Stories: The Tartan Campervan

Recently we have been supplying a whole host of customers with fabric for various upholstery projects, and more specifically car upholstery. Everyone wants to deck the inside of their car out in tartan! We actually found one of our customers on Instagram after they tagged us in a picture of the inside of their vehicle, a whole Instagram account [...]