Tartan Upholstery Fabric

Tartan fabric and tweeds for upholstery throughout your home

What fabric weight is best for upholstery?

Fabric weight does not correlate directly to quality nor thickness, so be sure to check the characteristics of your fabric meets your needs independent of the fabric weight.

Wool fabric weight Grams per sq metre (GSM) Ounce per sq yard (oz/yd) Usage
Lightweight 250–325 GSM 8oz-10oz More delicate fabrics suitable for occasional use furniture.
Mediumweight 330–450 GSM 11-13oz Versatile for upholstery use in well-used family or living room furniture.
Heavyweight 450+ GSM 14–16oz Stiffer and thicker for heavy use and curtains.
Polyviscose 250 GSM 8oz Hard wearing and machine washable so popular for car seat upholstery.

Benefits and considerations for wool upholstery

Tartan fabric from ScotlandShop is high-quality Scottish-produced wool, and when using wool for upholstery there are lots of advantages:
  • It can provide a soft material or be firm based upon the thickness chosen
  • Wool is resistant to wrinkles and stains
  • Wool can withstand good levels of wear and tear and doesn’t significantly fade in sunlight
  • It doesn’t suffer from mildew
  • Pure wool is naturally fire resistant to domestic standards

Car seat upholstery

Tartan Car Upholstery

Scotland Shop know our cars as we are based very close to Duns, home of the classic Jim Clark rally, and are well placed to advise on using tartan material in cars. We usually recommend polyviscose tartan material for vehicle upholstery as it is hard wearing but conveniently machine washable. There is a more limited choice of tartans and patterns in polyviscose material, however, so heavyweight is also a good choice as it is sufficiently hardwearing for the constant wear car seats receive.

See the images for reupholstering projects Scotland Shop have assisted in: the Cairn tartan in polyviscose was used in a lovely silver vintage Beetle, while beautiful reds and oranges of the Buchanan Ancient tartan match the steering wheel in this unidentified classic car project.