About to sign your life away, ahem, I mean marry the girl of your dreams? This is going to be one of the biggest days of your life and more importantly hers so you better make the effort to look good! You don’t have to go for the boring formal suit or stick to the traditional, there are lots of ways to bring personality and individuality to your wedding outfit and a waistcoat is definitely one of the ways!
Though it can often feel like the bride takes most of the limelight on the big day, the groom deserves just as much attention. Wedding Ideas Magazine
Colours to look for this season are still blue, grey and black with burgundy making a big appearance as well as splashes of bright colour such as yellow. Perfect for a summer wedding. If you are wearing a Tails or a plain Three piece suit a statement waistcoat can make it special. Patterns are definitely on trend and a tartan or tweed check adds a sophisticated nod to that other trend, heritage. Match a tie, pocket square or even shoes to your waistcoat to tie the outfit together. Here are our pick of five of the best waistcoats for the Groom. Waistcoats For Grooms Your wedding day is that day in your life when you are going to be centre stage in the photos, and that photo is going to be on your mantlepiece for years to come, so you want to look your best. If you are looking for something extra special for your big day we can make you the perfect bespoke waistcoat that fits like a glove. We offer five different styles in over 500 different tartans and over 100 different tweeds so you are spoilt for choice! All those extra details can be catered to, different pocket styles, extra buttonholes, contrast satin coloured or tartan backs and so much more. Along with a large selection of other accessories to go with your beautiful waistcoat there is no excuse not to look extremely dapper on your big day!
In need of some help choosing your perfect waistcoat? Call us, we are hopeless romantics and love to help make a wedding day extra special.