Last week we learned the Great Gordon Christmas Tree napkin fold and this week it is the turn of the mighty MacDonald Clan to take centre stage. Lana guides us through the creation of a very elegant fan shape.

The MacDonald Clan Fan Napkin

Step 1 -Start by folding the napkin in half length ways creating a rectangle Step 2 - Fold the short end of the rectangle up by two inches. Turn the napkin over and repeat on the same end using your first fold as a guide. Repeat until there is around one third of the napkin remaining unfolded in the concertina. How_To_Fold_Your_Tartan_Napkin_1Step 3 - Now fold the napkin in half length ways including both the folded and unfolded sections ensuring that the unfolded section is on the inside of the fold. Step 4 - Take the unfolded section and fold so that the top edge is now in line with the left How_To_Fold_Your_Tartan_Napkin_2Step 5 - Fold the excess material underneath the napkin to create a lip underneath the triangle that will act as a stand for your fan. Step 6 - From here you can separate your folds to create your fan. Use some starch spray if your napkins aren't holding their shape as they should.MacDonald_Tartan_Napkins
Beautiful! If you are lucky enough to be in Edinburgh you can pop into our shop and Lana will show you some tricks herself. Our tartan napkins are stocked in the pictured MacDonald clan tartan as well as the Christmas reds of the Stewart Royal, subtle and classy Black Watch and light and bright Stewart Dress Modern. We can also custom make napkins in over 500 other tartans and there is still time for delivery for pre-Christmas delivery if you order now.