Are you tired of boring table settings? Do you have a taste for tartan? Do you like to incorporate french heraldic symbols? If you answered yes to any or all of the preceding questions, you are in the right place so relax, you are among friends.

The Caledonian Crown Napkin

I have chosen to call this fold the crown but if you wanted to argue with me I might accept that it looks a bit like a Fleur de Lis, whatever your opinion, this fold would be ideal if you happen to be entertaining Queen Elizabeth II or any other world monarch. This fold is also good for impressing those without claim to a throne so why not give it a try and transform your humble face wiping cloth from a napkin to a napking!

Step 1 – Lay your napkin flat

Tartan Napkin

Step 2 – Fold it into a triangle

Step 3
–take the bottom right-hand corner and fold it up to the top.

Step 4 – repeat with the left-hand side

Step 5 – flip the napkin and fold the bottom corner up ¾ of the way up.

Step 6 – take the tip of the fabric you just folded up and fold it down to meet the bottom edge of the shape.

Step 7 – flip the napkin over and curl the sides in, tucking them into one and other. That will, if everything has worked, give you a beautiful crown for your table.

Imagine the scene, your table richly laden with a Christmas feast and at each setting a Caledonian Crown napkin in your clan's tartan. Your guests might be fooled into thinking they had stumbled into the palace of Versailles, such is the level of sophistication this design adds to a table. Go on, give it a go and send us a picture to brag about it, I dare you.