Napkins are important, if we agree on this one fact from the outset, we will be fine. Seeing as these handy little fabric (sometimes paper) squares are of such vital importance, it seems fitting to dedicate a few blogs to these often over-looked but ever useful alimentary accessories.

The Dumfriesshire Diamond Napkin

What is the classiest thing you can think of? A bath full of champagne? No! you fool, champagne is for chumps, guttersnipes and rappers. True class, lasting class, is only found with diamonds. Now, as you are aware, diamonds are very expensive so why not fool your guests into thinking there are diamonds on the table with this special napkin fold. Step 1 – Lay your napkin on a flat surface Dumfriesshire-Diamond-Tartan_Napkin Step 2 –Fold the top edge down to make a rectangle with the open edge facing you. Dumfriesshire-Diamond-2_Tartan_NapkinStep 3- Fold it in half again so you have a small square with the open ends on the bottom right corner. Dumfriesshire-Diamond-3_Tartan_Napkin Step 4 - Take the top layer and fold it all the way up to the opposite corner. Dumfriesshire-Diamond-4-Tartan_Napkin Step 5 – Fold the next layer about ¾ of the way up. Dumfriesshire-Diamond_Tartan_Napkin Step 6 - Take the next layer and fold it half-way up then fold the last layer ¼ of the way up. Dumfriesshire-Diamond-7-Tartan-NapkinStep 7 – Fold the corners inwards to make one large glorious diamond. You, my friend, have just turned your table from farce to class. Dumfriesshire-Diamond-9-Tartan_Napkin If you have decided that, like president-elect Donald Trump, diamonds are a sure-fire way to make a hit, why not give this design a go and, in the spirit of sharing - a definite feature of this festive time of year, send us a few pictures of your handiwork. If you need some tartan napkins to get yourself started then you know where to find us.
Be sure to stay tuned for more in our series of blogs on how to tart(an) up your table this christmas, there is sure to be something to please even the grinchiest of grinches.