Welcome back to our blog series dealing with the highs and lows of decorative napkin folding. I know, as a child you dreamt of perfect Christmases, wonderful presents, snow covered hills and a sumptuous feast on a table regally adorned. Although we can't help you with the gifts (unless they are tartan or cashmere), weather, food or the fact that there is definitely going to be a massive fight at some point - I mean, let's face it, there will be, won't there? We can help you to make your table just that little bit more regal.

The Stewart Royal Rosebud Napkin

We have called this fold the Rosebud, I feel that ignores the fact that it looks quite a bit like a Bishop’s mitre but oh well. This fold would lend a touch of class to any table whether you are entertaining horticulturalists or clergymen. Step 1 – get your napkin laid out flat stewart_royal_tartan_napkin_1-1 Step 2 – fold it into a triangle (one corner to its opposite) stewart_royal_tartan_napkin_2-1 Step 3 – take the bottom right hand side corner of the triangle and fold it up to the top corner. stewart_royal_tartan_napkin_3-1 Step 4 – repeat this with the left-hand corner, you should now have a square with a line up the middle. stewart_royal_tartan_napkin_4-1 Step 5- flip over your napkin stewart_royal_tartan_napkin_5-1 Step 6 – fold the bottom corner up about ¾ of the way up the napkin and flip it over again stewart_royal_tartan_napkin_6-1 Step 7 – curl the bottom two corners into the middle and tuck them into each other. stewart_royal_tartan_napkin_7-1 This fold will transform any humdrum table into a beautiful bed of roses, certainly my favourite location for gorging on an oversized roasted bird. If you decide to try out the Stewart Royal Rosebud Napkin fold (other tartans are available) why not send us a picture or two to prove it? We stock a fine selection of napkins and table dressings so really, you have no excuse not to give it a go.
Make sure you keep an eye on our blog page for yet more entries in this series on napkin folding, napkin folding, it seems is the gift that truly keeps on giving.