What are the three key elements you need to remember in order to guarantee a successful Christmas dinner? If you said turkey, roast potatoes and Christmas pudding (or booze), I like the way your mind works, but you are – I’m afraid to say – mistaken. The three key elements of success are details, details and finally details (or booze). If you want to ensure the success of your Christmas dinner, make sure you pay attention to the details, be they relating to the temperature of the oven, the cooking time of the turkey or the table setting.
As we aren’t a cookery website, nor are we in the business of genetically modifying tartan turkeys, we will have to focus instead on table settings. Of all the components that go into a great table setting, the napkins are an element that are often overlooked, quite wrongly I feel as they can be used to inject a little style and personality onto your table. Here are some of my suggestions for how to fold our wonderful tartan napkins to add a touch of je ne sais quoi to the look of your table.

The Tartan Triple Pocket Napkin

This elegant fold provides, not only a stylish way of presenting your napkins, but a handy storage space for your cutlery. What’s better is that this effect is super easy to pull off. Step 1 –Lay out your napkin on a flat surface – a table would work well or an ironing board, the floor would be a definite last resort but possible if you have already done your polishing ready for the Christmas guests.Tartan_Napkins_tartan_triple_1 Step 2 – Fold the napkin in half from top to bottom to form a large rectangle. A well ironed napkin is an essential start to a nice crisp fold so don't skip these little details.Tartan_Napkins_tartan_triple_2 Step 3 – Fold the left hand side of the rectangle over to create a square.Tartan_Napkins_tartan_triple_3 Step 4 – Fold the top right hand corner (the top layer only) of the newly formed square down bit by bit, to form a sort of cigar shape, keep going until you have rolled more than halfway down the square (diagonally). Tartan_Napkins_tartan_triple_4Tartan_Napkins_tartan_triple_5 Step 5 – Take the top right hand of the next layer down, and fold it down behind the cigar shape you have already formed. Tartan_Napkins_tartan_triple_6Step 6 – Take the top right hand corner of the next layer down and fold it to the back as shown in the picture. Tartan_Napkins_tartan_triple_7 Step 7 – Now fold the sides of this shape back to form a nice rectangular shape and that’s it! What an elegant way of storing your cutlery whilst accommodating even the sloppiest of eaters. Tartan_Napkins_tartan_triple_8 This napkin folding technique is ideal for the gadget lover, although not strictly speaking a gadget, this fold, with its sleek ergonomic design and multi-functional nature will surely excite your tech-savvy dinner guests. Why not snap a couple of pics of it on your table and send them our way? We'd love to see them.
If the triple pocket napkin is not for you, stay tuned to our blog site as this is only one of a series on napkin folding where you will find many other options to suit your napkin folding needs.