Today is St Andrews Day, the feast day of St Andrew, the Patron Saint of Scotland and many other countries around the world. Today is a Bank Holiday in Scotland (since 2006) and the Saltire flag or St Andrew’s Cross is flown all over Scotland in honour of St Andrew. But who was he? Andrew lived in the first Century and was a fisherman before he became one of Jesus’ disciples. He became renowned for his Christian preaching. He too, like Jesus, was crucified, this is represented by the cross on his flag. The town of St Andrews in Scotland, legend has it, is where the relics of St Andrew where brought by divine guidance from Constantinople. He became Patron Saint of Scotland in the middle of the 10th Century when Oengus II, King of the Picts led an army of Picts and Scots against the English near Athelstaneford in East Lothian, not far from where ScotlandShop is based. Oengus declared that if he won the battle then he would appoint Saint Andrew as Patron Saint of Scotland. The story goes that on the morning of the battle, the clouds are said to have formed a white cross across the blue sky and against all odds the battle was won and the design of the Saltire flag was born. If you are looking for a tartan to celebrate this special day then it has to be the blue and white Earl of St Andrews tartan featured here as a cushion and iPad cover. We also carry Men's Golf Trousers in stock in this tartan and can make pretty much anything to order for you. So now that we have added to your general knowledge for the day you can enjoy your celebrations and if you are lucky enough to be in Scotland your day off! [gallery link="file" columns="2"]