The Battle of the Bottoms!

People say men have it easy when choosing what to wear to formal events. People say a dinner suit encompasses the totality of a man's options. Well, these people, poor unenlightened souls, can't be familiar with he age-old struggle faced by the Scots. In opposing corners of the sartorial boxing ring sit Tartan Trousers and The Kilt, each worthy contenders for the title belt in the battle of the bottoms.

The Kilt

An image of a man wearing a kilt, this image functions as a link to where you can buy a full range of kilts. What is a kilt? It is, simply put, 8 yards of some of the highest quality fabric known to man, lovingly hemmed, pleated and sewn to the exact specifications of the wearer. However, to say that a kilt is simply fabric is to be understated to a fault. As much as a kilt is a garment, it is also the embodiment of the Scottish psyche. This garment carries hundreds of years of Scottish history, hundreds of years of battle and hundreds of years of pride. The kilt is a garment that shouts to the whole world that its wearer is a Scotsman!

Tartan Trousers

An image of a man wearing tartan trousers, this image links to where you can buy a full range of tartan trousers. Who wants to make a lot of fuss, eh? Sure, some people want to scream and shout and, more likely than not, shake it all about but no the wearer of the Tartan Trouser. This garment speaks of refinement, of enjoying a glass of whisky by a log fire or attending the theatre. Whatever the occasion, this garment speaks, it never shouts. The wearer of the Tartan Trouser is proud of their heritage but chooses to embrace it in a more modest manner.

Which Would You Choose??

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