When people learn that I work for ScotlandShop, one of the most common questions that I get asked is "Do you have to wear tartan all day?" In our office we have a fairly casual dress code so i'm sorry to say that it's quite rare that we can be found wearing tartan within the office, but in our Edinburgh Store we do always make the effort to wear some of our lovely Scottish Tartan or Tweed. Although we may not wear tartan daily within our office, we do know a company who do!

One of our most loyal customers is Michelle who is in charge of ordering Tartan Suit Jackets for staff members at Scot Forge. Scot Forge are based within Spring Grove, Illinois. The company started as a small hammer shop in Chicago back in 1893 and have grown to have five plants across the US, shipping over 250 million lbs of forging annually. Originally founded as Atlas Forging, the company changed its name to Scot Forge Company in 1977. The name was changed to reflect the Scottish cultural roots of Pete Georgeson, the owner at the time. During this re-brand the company incorporated a Scottish Highlander within their logo. Employees enjoy wearing tartan jackets, ties, skirts and dresses to show their plaid pride.

Scot Forge love to celebrate their unique culture and created this fantastic video to tell the world more about their spirit.

The company cover a number of different markets worldwide including; Aerospace, defense, education and research, heavy industrial equipment, infrastructure, mining, nuclear, oil and gas, power generation, and shipbuilding.

The tartan featured in the company logo is Buchanan Modern, and when we asked Michelle why the company chose this tartan she said Pete chose the tartan simply because it was the most colourful. Salesman, Adam Castleton explained to us that "Tartan jackets are required for salesmen like myself! Buchanan is the standard that we all get, but we are free to choose other tartans simply based on our personal taste"

As you can see from the photographs Scot Forge staff are easily spotted in a crowd with their bright tartan plaids, we've actually lost count of how many different tartan jackets we've made for Scot Forge but we always enjoy seeing the different tartans as they are being sent out and hearing the stories behind why employees have picked a tartan, whether it be there Clan tartan or just a pattern that they like.

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