We learnt something new today and thought we should share it with you. Within 2 days we have had 2 customer requests for Tartan Ribbon for Handfasting ceremonies. Handfasting is a form of betrothal dating back to the early 17th Century and can form part of a wedding ceremony today. Handfasting entails gently wrapping or tying a length of cord or ribbon around the bride and grooms hands symbolically binding them together as a display of their unity. Historically, in late medieval and early modern Scotland (and northern England), "handfasting" was a the normal term used for "betrothal" — that is, for the ceremony of exchanging future consents to marriage and agreeing to marriage contracts. This joining of hands was called a handfæstung in Anglo-Saxon, and the same word is found in different forms in the German, Swedish and Danish languages. Now that we have been educated in a more Scottish history we look forward to being a little less ignorant when customers call in with this request! Two tartan handfast