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Haggis Video Discovered at ScotlandShop HQ

There is some big news at The other day, while clearing out the attic, our much loved colleague Auryn stumbled across some video tapes. Don’t get too excited now, they aren’t anything salacious but they certainly are curious. The videos seem to be in the form of a documentary, clearly shot some time ago, in which the presenter has enlisted two local boys to help him track down and capture a Lowland Haggis, a creature thought to have been invented solely to fool unwitting tourists. These videos, rough as they are, seem to suggest that the Lowland Haggis is, or was at any rate, a real creature and hunting for it formed a part of the daily existence of the people of the Borders. Unfortunately the video tapes were inexpertly stored, causing severe degradation of the magnetic tape and rendering some of the tapes completely unwatchable. Those that have been salvaged are currently undergoing a difficult and time-consuming process of remastering - we plan to share these videos with you as soon as possible. Our video restoration team estimate that the first video will be available for you to watch on the 9th of January with several others to follow as and when they are returned to us.

Haggis Video Preview

For now, we have been able to scrape together a few clips from the pieces of video that were in reasonable condition, please check it out below. All of us here at are waiting with bated breath to see what will be revealed in these videos, hopefully you are as excited as us, if you are, make sure you check back here on the 9th for the first instalment.
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