Haggis Hunt

What a lucky find that was, eh? That last video was amazing, wasn't it? Not only did it confirm the existence of the Lowland Haggis, it gave us all some pointers on how to locate them. So, next time you visit the Lammermuir hills - and you definitely should, they are absolutely stunning - you will know what to look out for. Identifying the Haggis' habitat, it transpires, is only one part of the story.

Call of the Haggis

We have just received the most recent video from our restoration department and in it we are given even more information on how to hunt the Lowland haggis. In this video, one of the boys gives us a demonstration of the call of the haggis which he uses to draw the beasts in close, much like a modern day hunter might do with a duck call I suppose. The boy, it seems is fairly adept at the call, having success in drawing in prey on what appears to be his first attempt. Watch here to see how it's done: [embed]https://youtu.be/vuOAfwBhP5A[/embed]

Advisory Notice

I feel that this is probably the appropriate time to put in a brief but serious warning. If you plan to visit the Lammermuir hills, and you should - I can't stress that enough - caution is advised. In these videos we have been taught to identify the habitat of the Lowland Haggis as well as imitating their distinctive call but I must now implore you, do not attempt to attract a Lowland haggis with this call. Although you are unlikely to come to any serious harm if you do, we have been advised by our crack legal team to do all that we can to dissuade copy-cat hunters and that we will not be held responsible for any loss or injury incurred while undertaking the activity of Haggis hunting.
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