Girl's Tartan Pinafore Sizing Guide

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Girl's Tartan Pinafore Sizing Guide

Standard measurements by age and how to measure for our Girl's Tartan Pinafore

Our girl's tartan pinafore is made to order so ideally we like you to take measurements if you can so we can ensure the perfect fit. But of course we appreciate that you might be buying the tartan pinafore as a gift and below are our standard measurements to help you. Or if you prefer you can just tell us the age of the lucky recipient and we can make to the standard sizes below.

Age  Chest Measurement
Back Length Measurement 
(full length of dress down the back from neck to bottom of hem)
0-2 years  51 cm / 20 inches 41 cm / 16 inches
3-4 years  56 cm / 22 inches 19 cm / 19 inches
5-6 years 61 cm / 24 inche 56 cm / 22 inches
7-8 years 66 cm / 26 inches 64 cm / 25 inches
9-10 years  71 cm / 28 inches 71 cm / 28 inches 

Extra information

  • The girl's tartan pinafore is made in a lightweight wool which has a soft finish gentle on the skin. This fabric is dry clean only.
  • Click on the purple Choose Custom Tartan button to choose from over 500 tartans. If you can't find yours let us know and we can maybe source it for you.
  • We can also make the tartan pinafore in silk or machine washable polyviscose but the tartan selection is limited. Please contact us for more information.

If you need any help or have any questions please contact us by phone, LiveChat or email.

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