Plaid Cummerbund Sizing Guide

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Our Plaid Cummerbund is made with an adjustable elastic strap at the back so it fits waist sizes from 34 - 40 inch waist (86 - 102cm). We can of course make them smaller or larger to order. Please select the Custom Plaid option and once you have selected your plaid you can enter your waist measurement. Sizes from 42 inch waist upwards carry a surcharge of USD$8.

To measure your waist:

Run the tape measure firmly around your waist at the navel, the actual waist, not at the top of the hip where pants usually sit. 

How your cummerbund is made

The Fabric

We use a top quality lightweight 8oz wool fabric woven in Scotland to make your plaid cummerbund. This fabric will last a long time if cared for correctly and is light enough to be comfortable at evening receptions and events. Wool is a totally natural fabric which has the added benefit that it breathes. We back it with a lightweight polyester to ensure it lies smoothly.

Making your Plaid Cummerbund

Your plaid cummerbund is handmade here in Scotland and we take great care to ensure it is finished to a high standard. If you have any special requests then please note them on your order. Textiles have been key to the economy of the local area around ScotlandShop for years and we have many talented outworkers stitching your plaid accessories for you. So not only are you adding a classic piece to your wardrobe but you are also sustaining the traditional skills of our local workforce and our rural economy.

Plus and Petite Sizes

As standard we make our plaid cummerbunds adjustable for waist sizes 34 - 40 inches. And of course just like we can make your cummerbund in any Scottish clan plaid we can also make it to any size. Please select the Custom Plaid option and note your waist measurement on the order. Waist measurements over 42 inches will incur a USD$8 surcharge.

The Plaid

Your cummerbund is made to measure just for you and you can choose from over 500 Scottish clan plaids. If you can't find the one you are looking for please ask as we may be able to source it for you.

How to care for your plaid cummerbund

Properly cared for your plaid cummerbund will last a long time. This is a pure wool fabric and should be dry cleaned only. Wool fabric can become dull with general dust and dirt. Gentle brushing with a garment brush will brighten it up again.

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