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From a full length floaty Scottish a-line to a traditional tartan kilted skirt to a cheeky little tartan mini kilt or mini skirt we will custom make any design in any tartan. In a rush? We have lots of stock options too. 

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Tartan skirt inspiration

As a nation Scotland is famous for the kilt and this extends to skirt outfits and even cheeky short tartan skirts. All styles are available in a choice of over 500 tartans.

pleated tartan skirt

What's a skirt and what's a kilt?

Effectively any kilt without a sporran could be considered a skirt, but there are differences in fit etc. that differentiate a lady's tartan skirt from men's attire. The amount of material in a kilt is greater thanks in part to the deep pleats, and the wrap-around nature of the item with adjustable buckles is quite distinguishable. 

Thus the correct name for a Scottish tartan skirt is a tartan skirt: a kilt has a slightly construction, while plaid is a term more usually used in North America and not in Scotland.

The pencil skirt

A slim tartan skirt and pair of heels wear fantastically well with a casual plain slim roll neck or sweater, but can be brought up a rung for sophistication when paired with a jacket or blouse. Don't worry about going short; a longer skirt can really give a touch of elegance if you want to cover your legs, but generally aim for the hem to sit at the smallest part of the leg above the knee. Ensure the pencil skirt isn't too tight, as the material should always be smooth, and use the high waist to lengthen your legs in appearance. If you're slim choose a strong patterned tartan. 

Tartan a-line skirt

It's a fit that looks good on almost everybody, never goes out of style, and really gives the edge to a youthful look. Muted grey tweeds and tartans are popular right now, and work well with a sweater in similar hues. Mix it with leather and cool coats for a relaxed grunge/punk look, take a journey into the world of hipsters with a beanie hat and vintage top, or glam it up with a black turtleneck and a fur vest. 

Long, past-the-knee tartan and hostess skirts

A full-length tartan skirt is often called a hostess skirt, and is traditionally worn at formal events. To add a bit more glamour we'd suggest a long fluted tartan skirt which follows the curve of the legs a little more than the straighter hostess-style skirt.

Pleated tartan skirts

Pleated skirts were a breakout fashion of 2016 and are set to be a big hit in 2017. The retro 20's pleat skirt, popularised by shows like Mad Men, has enjoyed a comeback and with a higher knee-line and dropped waist shows off a more 'swinging 60's' look. 

Of course the most iconic pleated skirt variation is the tartan kilt: while the traditional high waist doesn't need to be maintained, a feminine tartan mini-skirt enjoys pleats and generous amounts of fabric to show off the movement of the skirt with a less restrictive fit.

preppy tartan skirt

Tartan mini skirts

A shorter mini skirt or mini kilt in tartan fabric contributes to a playful and sexy look, and the variety of finishes and weights of material available means it can be a light and flowing option for summer or, thanks the the wonderful warmer colours and woolen materials, a fantastic autumn piece of plaid.

Don't go too short with the skirt, tuck a shirt or jumper into the high waistline and avoid high heels: instead go for an ankle boots or trainers if you're aiming for a youthful look.

Inspiration outfits – what to wear with a tartan skirt

Tartan patterns work fantastically well with warm autumnal colours and complimentary woolen materials. With a red tartan skirt try pairing with a chunky scarf over the top of a black sweater with grey tights and dark shoes; maybe even layer up with a big fluffy coat to keep out the chill. Alternatively bring the black into your accessories with a leather studded belt, clutch bag and strappy heels, partnered with a white blouse, in a modern update to a traditional look.

Alternatively bring some white into the outfit for balance and a more preppy style: a white nautical striped top perfectly balances a darker, less colourful tartan, while a white shirt or a fluffy white sweater can work with any tartan choice.

The preppy style is a more refined approach to the schoolgirl tartan skirt look. Preppy works perfectly with fuller-length to provide a classy yet everyday style.

Alternatively take inspiration from the 60's with colourful jumpers and high socks, partnered with either an oxford shoe or a high tube boot.

In the autumn and spring, tuck a pale denim shirt a longer-length tartan skirt to give a relaxed feel to your walks around town. 

If you need office chic, select a knee-length tartan wool skirt (pencil or a-line are good with this heaver material but pleated works too) and carefully choose a smart blazer or jacket over the top. Finish off with stiletto pumps. 

Talking of blazers with tartan skirts, you can't ignore the evolution of the Clueless tartan outfit. Featuring strong colours (notably yellow tartan, something like the MacLeod Dress Modern ) it shouldn't be underestimated as just 'fun' – combing tartan high-waist mini-kilts with a matching tartan jacket was well ahead of its time. Be restrained or try this look with brave colours: yellow and pink tartan skirts really stand out! Just get leave the backpack at home.

Tartan punk, grunge or skater skirt

It's a bit of a stretch, but these could be seen to be variations of one core look. Combine a tartan skirt (fuller length or traditional a-line both work, but the skater skirt is short and pleated) with messy hair, dark lips, a black graphic t-shirt or slashed top, knee socks or stockings and you're away!

Throw in some black accessories like a hat, chunky shoes, a leather jacket and maybe decorate with a chain and you're most of the way to an awesome alternative appearance.
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