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Pre-order your Items in the Illinois Tartan for delivery in June 2019.

The Illinois tartan cloth is currently being rewoven and production on any items ordered will commence at the end of May. This page is for pre-sale until we are fully stocked, however we expect it to be popular so it may be wise to guarantee your item now. If you are near Chicago we will be in town running a pop up shop June 10-12th and attending the Highland Games on June 14-15th. Visit our events page for more information.

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Illinois St Andrews Society Tartan 2
The Illinois tartan is officially called the "Illinois St.Andrews Society" tartan and was designed by Frances Gillan in 1990 to celebrate the society's 150th anniversary in 1995. After much thought the society governors chose an appropriate combination of colours for the new tartan. A field of blue and white, representing the flag of Scotland as well as the white background of the Illinois state flag was decided upon, with touch of red as a nod to the red, white and blue of the United States flag.

The Official Tartan of the State of Illinois

In 2012 the Illinois St.Andrews Society tartan was designated the official tartan of the State of Illinois following a unanimous Senate vote. The tartan is known by various names including: Illinois, Chicago, Illinois St Andrews, Chicago Scots and Illinois State.
Illinois State Tartan

Chicago Scots

Today the Illinois St.Andrews Society is known simply as Chicago Scots. The society was first established in 1845, and is the oldest nonprofit organisation in Illinois. 

Their mission: "To nourish Scottish identity through service, fellowship and celebration of Scottish culture for the purpose of supporting our Caledonian Senior Living and Memory Care campus set on five acres in North Riverside, Illinois"

The society organise and host a wide variety of events including the Scottish Festival and Highland Games which we are delighted to be attending for the first time this June.

Chicago Scots Illinois Tartan
Pictured: Illinois Saint Andrew Society Governor Bill G. MacLeod, Illinois Senator - Assistant Majority Leader, Maggie Crotty, & Maureen Mulhall.