Glasgow Tartan

About the Glasgow Tartan

The name Glasgow is a very old and distinguished one. It has been recorded even before the Norman Conquest and the arrival of William Duke of Hastings in 1066. The name has been spelled Glasgow,Glassgaw,Glassgow, Glascho,Glascu,and Glascou. The first records of the name were found in Renfrewshire,which is five miles west of Glasgow.

Did you know that Glasgow used to have a Castle? If you have wandered up Castle Street wondering where the name came from it is because near the medieval cathedral, on the site of the Royal Infirmary there used to stand the Bishop's Castle. All traces were sadly demolished in 1792. However do not despair because Crookston Castle still remains and the ruins are perched on a hill in the southside suburb of Crookston and standing since the 15th century.