Our final Scarf Knot is the waterfall knot. This knot is simple and looks fantastic on bigger scarves. We have chosen my favourite scarf to show off how to tie this knot, the Brushed Wool Oversize Scarf in Stewart Camel Weathered.

Scarf styling Waterfall Knot

Step 1: Choose your scarf - the bigger the better

Wind the scarf around your neck making sure one end hangs longer than the other.

Waterfall Scarf Knot 1

Step 2:

Take the longer end and drape it around your neck again.

Scarf Waterfall Knot 2

Step 3:

Make sure one end is still hangs lower than the other. Don't panic if you think it is still looking a little ordinary, the finishing touch to your tartan scarf is still to come.

Tartan Scarf Waterfall Knot 3

Step 4:

Take the corner of the longer end and tuck it into the scarf around your neck. And the finished result is the Waterfall Knot! Very elegant and one I have always wanted to re-create. It shows off the tartan and fringed ends beautifully and we think a patterned scarf is much effective for this style of knot.

Tartan Scarf Waterfall Knot Step 4
Let us know you get on with your Waterfall Knot and send us some pictures so we can see how it works with different colours, patterns and fabrics.