You would like a flat cap but which style should you choose? We offer several different styles and if you ask us nicely can probably make a few more not featured on the website, or with extra details that we haven't quite got round to advertising.

Traditionally flat caps are made in pure wool and were designed to cope with the often random British weather, warm for colder days, showerproof for wet days and a peak to protect your eyes from the sun on those rare occasions. With heritage on the fashion radar celebrities such as Justin TimberLake and David Beckham have become style icons and leaders in the growing popularity for this very practical accessory.

justin timberslake tweed flatcapBring out your best features

Flat caps are always in fashion with a huge range of fabrics, colours and designs available and the beauty of this style is that it genuinely suits any face shape. The oval shape and semi-rigid peak suits narrow or oval faces and taller or bigger people as they don't add any bulk to your natural shape. Our tartan flat cap is our best selling cap style and with a choice of tweed or over 500 tartans you can't go wrong. If you have a rounder face then a cap with a bit more bulk or volume will elongate your face so try the Button Down Cap or Eight Quarter Cap. Styles such as the duckbill cap suit those with narrow faces and strong bone structure, however they just don't work for rounder faces as the curve of the cap accentuates the shape. People with long hair should also avoid this style because the combination of long hair and the horizontal curve of the cap is not a happy one.

biker-jacket-v-neck-sweater-tweed-flat-cap-tieNot just for men

The flat cap hasn't just made a big comeback in men's fashion but is also hugely popular with women. This style suits everyone, bringing out strong facial features and slimming rounder faces by wearing a straighter peak, and softening a square jaw. Peaked caps are also popular with women who want a more unisex style or to lighten up a really feminine look. The peak suits narrow faces and finer features and looks good with long hair worn loose to add to the volume of the cap or with short hair. Army style or mariner caps have also become very on trend and popular with women as this style tends to suit everyone and can look very feminine or more unisex depending how it is styled. Perfect for those who think their face lacks strong features and enjoy the structured peak and stitching detail.

Womens tartan capIt's all in the detail

On trend or not we have always made lots of caps and pride ourselves on giving you that little extra detail to make your cap extra special. We can vary the weight of the fabric we use to suit your climate or preference, add pompoms, advise you on the tweed or tartan to match your outfit, or make you a pair of trousers, jacket or tie to match your cap. Our caps are all made to size and our new Hat Sizing Guide should help but if you need a tape measure or some assistance just let us know.

Your style

2016 is set to be the year of the flat cap with a huge choice of styles, fabrics and colours already in the shops.
Do you already have several in your wardrobe? Or are you trying to decide whether to embrace the flat cap resurgence? Send us your photos or tell us what you think.