[gallery link="file"] There is nothing quite like a blazer or jacket that really fits A staple for your wardrobe that can make a plain old pair of trousers or a skirt look truly fabulous. The fit is the key. A blazer can flatter any figure and the secret is to get the cut and the size right. We offer three different styles and you can adjust the standard measurements such as waist, bust and length by up to 7cm so if you are not a model then it is no problem! No-one is really a standard size so if you need a longer body on your jacket, a little waist and big bust or vice versa then you are in the right place. Our fabrics are beautiful so we are not about to let the tailoring let them down. So a few tips to help you to achieve the perfect tartan blazer or jacket. Firstly get yourself a tape measure and take your measurements properly, and no porky pies please when you give us your waist measurement just because you discover you are not Scarlet O'Hara after all, far better to have a jacket that fits. Let's start with the Shoulder: Our tartan jackets and blazers have a little bit of padding at the shoulder. This gives the blazer shape, and shouldn’t be removed, since it can change the fit and drape. The shoulder padding should end at the end of your natural shoulder. If the shoulder is too wide you will look broader shouldered, and the sleeve will begin further down your arm than it is suppose to, which limits your arm movement. If the shoulders are too small your arms will appear to jut out compared to the rest of your body. Not a good look! And you will not be able to move your arms properly and the jacket will just not be comfortable. We don't want this. If you have standard shoulders then don't worry. If you have broad shoulders then choose the larger size and tell us how many centimetres or inches to adjust the standard bust and waist measurements down to make sure the torso fits, as well as the shoulders. If you have narrow shoulders choose the size below and adjust the torso measurements up as required. You can of course phone us, email us or chat to us on LiveChat if you need some help or clarification. On to the Torso: The torso of a blazer should run along the line of your curves when buttoned, but not pull tight. The general rule is to get a blazer that you can easily button over the largest part of your torso. If the torso is too big: you’ll lose your curves in the extra fabric, and may look boxy or overwhelmed. If the torso is too small: you’ll see the fabric pulling and straining, especially around the buttons. So if you’re busty make sure you give us the adjustments on the bust measurements so you don't have to wear your jacket unfastened the whole time. Likewise if you are flat chested we can reduce the bust measurement so you don't lose your curves. Length and Buttons: Buttons are key to the fit of your blazer and of course more buttons means you are held more in place. So it depends how you like to feel! As a general rule the smaller your bust the easier it is to get away with a single button fastening. Jacket lengths go in and out of style, but the most common and classic length stops at your hip. Depending on your figure, you may look better in slightly longer or slightly shorter jacket lengths. Taller ladies might prefer our Longline Tartan Jacket which gives a very elegant silhouette. Our Two Button Fastening Jacket is probably our most popular as it is so easy to wear and a more classic fit. Remember you can adjust the length measurement if you want it a little longer or shorter. Ladies with a smaller bust can often get away with a lower stance and less buttons and our Single Button Fastening Tartan Jacket is so smart. The devil is in the detail: Lapels: The current lapel trend is towards a thinner, sleeker look, which you get with all of our jackets. If you don't want those lapels in tartan we can also make them in tartan to match the jacket. Pockets: Can play greatly into the look of the blazer so we have designed our tartan blazers with small and subtly angled pockets so they’re not distracting to the silhouette. We can add and take away pockets as you wish. Just ask! Seams: Feminine seaming helps to nip our blazers in at the waist and give shape. If you want a belted jacket then our Tartan Trench will fit the bill. Sleeves:An average length sleeve, when standing straight with your arms at your sides, should end near the joint where your thumb connects at your wrist. Let us know how long you would like your sleeves. We make our tartan blazers with 4 stitched buttons on the sleeve as standard. If you want more or less or if you want working buttons (meaning the buttons actually button and un-button) then please tell us. Your wish is our command. So now all you have to do it to choose your tartan or tweed, the style to suit your figure and you too can have a fabulous blazer that fits!