Recently we have been supplying a whole host of customers with fabric for various upholstery projects, and more specifically car upholstery. Everyone wants to deck the inside of their car out in tartan! We actually found one of our customers on Instagram after they tagged us in a picture of the inside of their vehicle, a whole Instagram account dedicated to their refurbished Volkswagen Campervan. Today we chat to Tom, owner of @basicbus.What made you want to use Tartan to upholster the interior of your van?

What made you want to use Tartan to upholster the interior of your van?

VW Camper scene has always had tartan or a check of some sort around it, the 70's Westfalia versions had and orange and green tartan!


When looking for the right tartan, how did you find ScotlandShop?

I was looking for the right material to re-upholster the seat and talking to Ade at MidEnglandRetrims who suggested looking at alternatives to Golf GTI fabric, which is tartan after all. Lots of research and some samples led me to the one I have now - Grey and Red Check PolyViscose.


What inspired you to purchase and restore the 'Basic Bus'?

I've wanted a camper van of some sort since I was about 12-13 which worryingly was 20 years ago! Thought it was now or never as we have a 20 month old daughter and another one due soon!


What made you want to start an Instagram for the Campervan?

I bought the van about 11 months ago now and decided to do a build blog type Instagram, so I could show the progress I was making with the renovations and connect with people doing similar projects.

Do you have a vintage car that you are currently refurbishing, or maybe you just want to spruce up your current car? Tartan is such an easy way of making the inside of your vehicle look modern and exciting, take a leaf out of Tom's book and start your Tartan journey today. We even have an easy guide which can help you pick the perfect fabric for your project. (insert the link to the upholstery guide on new site)