It’s that time of year again. Over the next month Edinburgh will be bursting at the seams with art, comedy, theatre and everything else you can think of! Scotland’s capital city will be an explosion of glorious madness. I have always thought of Edinburgh as being my home city and I have never visited anywhere quite like it. It’s the one city in the world where you can see the most outrageous things and all the natives will think of this as being completely normal. Recently, not even during festival time, I was at the top of the Royal Mile and there was a Storm Trooper standing at a bus stop. I love it. Edinburgh Shows If you are visiting Edinburgh this August you will be in awe of the colours, the sounds, the people and the atmosphere cannot be beaten. Even a stroll down the streets will be a family friendly adventure of puppetry, juggling, magic and laughter. You will be spoilt for choice on all the fantastic shows on offer from Shakespeare to rock concerts, cabaret and comedy and sometimes a mixture of all of these and everything in-between! There’s something for everyone. Of course you can’t visit the festival without a souvenir of your time there so why not have something custom made by us in Edinburgh’s very own tartan!

Edinburgh Tartan AccessoriesClockwise from the top - Edinburgh Tartan Flat Cap,

The Muckle Fantoosh Tartan Handbag, Wool Tartan Tie, Wool Tartan Rose Brooch,

Tartan Baby Shoes, Essential Tartan Cushion, Woven Tartan Scarf

Have you been or are you planning a trip to Edinburgh Festival this year? We'd love to hear about your adventures, you can't come to Edinburgh without going away without a good story!

Edinburgh- We're all mad here!

Edinburgh - we're all mad here!