So what is Hogmanay?

Hogmanay is our very own word for our Scottish New Year celebrations, a very important date in the Scottish calendar, so important in fact that both the 1st and 2nd January are Scottish public holidays to allow us plenty time to recover. We have a few traditions during these celebrations, firstly in preparation its common to clean the house from top to bottom, ready to start the year a fresh. Second is to clear any debts before the end of year, however this isn't always stuck to these days. Once the party gets going it's common to have the whole family round to bring in the bells and to watch out for fireworks going off nearby.spinning-kilt First footing is a tradition which has stuck to this day, it's all to do with the first foot to enter your home in the new year and it's said to be good luck for your first foot to be a dark male but bad luck for blonde and red-headed females, so pick your first footer wisely and they may even bring a gift along such as whisky or shortbread.

The Best Hogmanay Parties

So now that we know what Hogmanay is all about, lets take a look at our top five suggestions on how to bring in the new year whether it be home or abroad.

5. Sydney

Now that we have an Aussie in the office, we had to make sure to include Sydney in our list of the top five Hogmanay parties, and why is Sydney featuring as the first in our list, well it's one of the first major cities to celebrate the new year coming in, while we are still busy getting our bow ties tied, kilts kilted and hip flasks filled ready to party in style. Videos of the fireworks from Sydney Harbour bridge start to fill our news stream, and don't they celebrate in style!


4. Rio De Janeiro

2016 was a pretty big year for Rio with the small task of hosting the Olympic Games so we know for sure that the Brazilians can host a good party. Copacabana beach is known to be the largest celebration worldwide with over 2 million partygoers cramming in to just 2 miles of beach, bit of a tight squeeze maybe! If you are heading to the party, bare in mind that the dress code is an all white outfit which is believed to bring good luck. new-year-fireworks-brazil-rio-de-janeiro

3. Red Hot Highland Fling, Inverness

Scotland's largest free hogmanay event, the Red Hot Highland Fling is held on the banks of Loch Ness, so why not boogie the night away with Nessie? This year's party is being be hosted by Comedian Craig Hill with bands such as The Elephand Sessions & Scooty and the Skyhooks rocking the stage.


2. New York City

Bringing in the new year in Times Square is definitely one for my bucket list, such an iconic moment when the ball drops! I always stay up to watch this, even with the 5 hour time difference, although maybe this is just a sign of how much we like to celebrate here in Scotland! new_york_new_year

1. Edinburgh

If there's one city you want to be in for New Year's Eve, its Edinburgh. Nobody celebrates Hogmanay quite like the Scots do, and in Edinburgh they really show the rest of the world how it's done. - Skiddle


I don't think there is any other city that could have featured as our number one Hogmanay party, from the torchlight parade to the street party Edinburgh has an array of celebratory options to see in the new year. edinburgh_concert-in-the-gardens
How are you celebrating this new year? We'd love to know of any of your family's own Hogmanay traditions!