Choosing a wedding dress may be the most important clothing decision a lady will ever make, but let's not forget this is also the most important day of the Groom's life too! Kilt, Suit, or Tails, there are a lot of options out there. Tie the Knot are on hand to help Groom's narrow down the world of choices with a dedicated Groom's fashion section in each edition of the magazine.

In addition to selecting what to wear, in Scotland there is also then the decision of which tartan to wear. Traditionally men will wear their family tartan or a tartan of significance to them, such as their district or regimental tartan. However, today many Groom's are selecting tartans to fit within a colour theme set for the wedding to match in with bridesmaid dresses, stationary and a whole host of other elements. We've gone back through the last few Issues of Tie the Knot to bring you some top suggestions on the best tartans to fit with your colour theme.


Mauve is a dark purple colour named after the mallow flower and first recorded in the english language in 1611, so perfect for adding some history to your wedding day. Mauve is a mix of red and blue and therefore the perfect combination of stimulation and calm, passion and love. A variation on this colour, Lavender, dominated the summer season of 2018, "Romantic yet elegant, you can wear it on a masculine suit or a light garment that gets billowy with every step", reported Vogue Italy. We could not agree more and love the texture the weave of a tweed or tartan lends to this.


We hear often enough that grey is the new black, and from a wedding point of view this is a very effective accent colour, whether you choose a darker charcoal grey or a soft dove grey. Dress the wedding party in grey and then add another colour to bring your big day alive, or use the tartan to provide that secondary colour. The colour you combine your grey with is the key, yellow will add vibrancy and gives you some amazing options for flowers, and a contrast for tablelinen (picture a soft grey tablecloth with bright yellow napkins). Pink or peach softens everything or if this is too feminine then blue has many options from a super sophisticated navy blue to contrast or a soft blue to tone in.


When you talk tartan then you will always have lots of green options and you are in luck as apparently green is the wedding colour trend for 2019, thanks to Harry and Megan's wedding this year. Foliage has become as important as the flowers and this is your chance to choose your statement leaves and bring them into your green theme, perfect with the softer tones of the ancient tartans.

Green & Burgundy

Hopefully now you are feeling inspired to bring a little colour to your big day. If you need any help then you know where we are, on hand with swatch books and ideas for colour matching and a vast knowledge of all the hundreds of tartans available. We look forward to helping you create the wedding you have always dreamt of.