Earlier in the year we wrote a series of blogs looking at the best ways to tie your tartan tie. Since writing the series of blogs I feel like I have delved head first in to a whole new world of men's styling tips, unwritten rules, do's and don'ts. I have to admit before this I always thought men had it pretty easy, I mean how difficult is it to pick out a simple pair of trousers and a shirt?
The main thing I've learned is that to add flair to your outfit and distinguish yourself as a true gent it's really all about the finishing touches.
A pocket square is a really simple way of adding an injection of colour and pattern to your outfit. If you are wearing a tartan tie or bow tie then the obvious choice would be to wear a matching pocket square, but alternatively you could pick a solid colour found in your tartan, we'd suggest going for one of the secondary colours for the most impact. This week we have chosen the classic red Stewart Royal Tartan with a matching bow tie and pocket square.

Where does the Pocket Square originate?

1920's Suits Excuse the brief history lesson but we do like a few fun facts. The pocket square can be found throughout ancient history from both the Egyptians and Greeks, both as a symbol of wealth and as a way to cover their nose from any unpleasant smells. By the 1920's the pocket square was no longer used as a practical item and instead had become a popular fashion accessory to be worn with your suit jacket and fedora. More on those fedora's another day!

The Presidential Fold

The presidential or square fold is the simple and classic way to fold your pocket square and is well suited to a formal event. Time to wow your relatives at the next family wedding or just show a bit of sophisticated style for evening drinks.

Presidential Fold Pocket Square How to create the presidential fold

1. Start with your pocket square laid flat on the surface, with the back of your pocket square and label facing up.Presidential-Fold-Step-12. Fold the pocket square from left to right creating a rectangle. Depending on the width of your pocket square at this point you may need to fold your pocket square into thirds to make it a little narrower. Presidential-Fold-Step-2 3. Now fold from bottom to top creating a smaller square. The end of the pocket square that you are folding up should be about half an inch longer than the rest of the pocket square. Presidential-Fold-Step-3 4. Tuck the pocket square right into your pocket right so that only a single strip (around quarter of an inch to half an inch) is showing. You may prefer to to turn the pocket square around so that instead of the seam, you have the fold of the square showing. Really this is down to personal preference. And there you go the Presidential Fold is complete and you are smart enough for any occasion. Presidential-Fold-Stewart-Royal-Pocket-Square
Do you have a favourite pocket square fold that you always use? We'd love to hear your top tips on how you finish of your outfit to perfection. If you love the Presidential Fold and want to learn more tricks the full series of how to guides are on the blog.