The way to wear tartan this year is by making it the centrepiece of your outfit, so we have put together some tips to help you fully embrace the tartan suit and make a bold statement.
Tartan can never be classed as a trend because of its heritage and tradition, it is a fabric that has been present in wardrobes all around the world for hundreds of years. However, this does not stop it reappearing on the high street every so often, to cement its status as a must have fabric. Here at ScotlandShop, we think it is vital that everyone should own at least one tartan garment, and for the men what better way to start your tartan collection than with none other than a tartan suit, go big or go home! Mix and Match One way to wear your tartan suit is to choose different tartans for each garment, however if you are choosing tartans that are quite similar make sure they are in contrasting pattern sizes otherwise it could look like you are accidentally matching. If mixing and matching is done well it can make a great look. MacLeod of Harris Modern and Campbell Clan Modern would make a great match for someone looking to make a statement but not stand out too much. Another way you can mix and match your tartans is to choose two tartans that clash in colours, a choice like this will allow you to stand out in the crowd when you wear your suit. A good choice of tartans to create this effect would be Anderson Modern and MacLeod Dress Modern, as Anderson has a minor bit of yellow running through it which links to the MacLeod Dress, while the other colours still clash. Choosing brightly coloured tartans for your suit will make it perfect for attending all the weddings throughout the summer. Traditional Of course, you could always stick to a more traditional look by choosing a three-piece tartan suit with all the garments in the same tartan. Your suit will be streamlined, fashionable and you will make just as much of a statement. Our tartan finder will be your best friend when trying to choose the perfect tartan, although your family tartan is a good place to start. Colour Blocking You can also make a statement by pairing a two-piece tartan suit (jacket and trousers) with a shirt, waistcoat or tie in a solid block of colour. It’s a good rule of thumb to choose the minor colour in the tartan as your solid colour, this will allow all of the colours in the tartan to pop and stand out. It’s completely up to you how daring you wish to be with your colours. One Piece Tartan If you aren’t feeling brave enough to wear a full on tartan suit you could choose just one piece out of your suit to be tartan, this way you are incorporating tartan into your outfit without drawing too much attention. A waistcoat is a really popular way to inject tartan into your outfit.
So there you have it, the best ways to wear a tartan suit and make a statement. Don't forget these top tips when you order your very own tartan suit from us at ScotlandShop.