What a lovely doorstop! How to make a tartan doorstopOr rather four lovely doorstops in Stewart Hunting Ancient, Isle of Skye, Stewart Royal and Campbell Clan Ancient. How to make a tartan doorstopLast week, our keen crafters returned to tackle a new challenge: doorstops. Instructed by the queen of craft herself, Sarah Quinn-Waddell, of What the Craft, they set about turning tartan fabric pieces into a pretty and practical solution to those darn self-closing doors. How to make a tartan doorstopThe first task was to sew the four sides together so it was eyes down, feet to pedals and keep fingers clear of those clattering needles. Next a handy handle was sewn onto the top piece of fabric before the top and bottom pieces were attached to the sides, leaving a very important wee gap. How to make a tartan doorstopAnd then, using that wee gap, the fabric was turned through to hide the scruffy raw edges and display the attractive tartan colours. Beautiful! But a bit flat and floppy, definitely not ready to stand up to a door. How to make a tartan doorstopThey just need some filling up. Rice was funnelled into each fabric case and topped with toy stuffing to create a flat bottom, domed top and a nice full, heavy middle, perfect for stopping those doors. And finally a hush fell over the workshop, as the crafters undertook the tricky task of hand-stitching that wee gap shut. How to make a tartan doorstopAnd voila! Four beautiful tartan doorstops and four happy tartan-doorstop-experts. Our workshops are taking a break for the summer but will be back in the autumn. [os-widget path="/scotlandshopadmin/submit-email" of="scotlandshopadmin" comments="false"]