Wear It Pink Every year, wear it pink raises over £2 million during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, by asking people to wear something pink and donate whatever they can. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is held every October and is celebrated with both the flagship wear it pink event and the Pink Ribbon Ball. The month will see the whole of the wider breast cancer community coming together to raise awareness, raise funds and promote the need for greater research. What better way to celebrate wear it pink than with pink tartans, we've created our list of the top five pink tartans to wear it pink. Ailsa Pink Ailsa Pink Ailsa Pink is one of a range of very popular pastel coloured tartans. We use it for our baby shoes as it is so cute but we have also made all sorts of cushions and skirts in this check and it is just one of those colour combinations that works whatever you do with it. Our pastel tartans are woven in the north of Scotland and the mill is the last remaining textiles mill in the area so by purchasing this tartan you are also sustaining jobs in a very rural area of Scotland where employment is not easy to come by. Highland Rose Highland Rose The Highland Rose is a beautiful new tartan introduced in 2011. The Highland Rose tartan combines beautiful pinks and oranges to create a very light and bright tartan which lends itself perfectly to interiors products such as cushions and throws as well as accessories such as bags and scarves. This tartan is not linked to any particular clan or region of Scotland and can therefore be worn by anyone. Borthwick Dress Modern Borthwick Dress ModernThe Borthwick Dress Modern tartan is predominantly black and white tartan with a fab bright pink and green stripe through it. The Borthwick name is of territorial origin, and it seems likely to have been assumed from lands on Borthwick Water in Roxburghshire. The family is one of the most modern in Scotland and some recent research suggests that they may have come to Britain with Caesar’s legions. During the fifteenth century the Borthwicks acquired immense influence and became Lords of Parliament. Connaught Connaught The Connaught tartan is predominantly pink, purple and green. According to folk history, the 6th century BC saw the division of Ireland into five separate kingdoms: Ulster (w), Connaught (s), Munster (e), Leinster, and Mide. Ulster and Connaught were the two most powerful kingdoms. However, by 300 AD, Ulster had lost much of its power. The ruling houses in Connaught and Mide emerged and expanded their kingdoms, essentially splitting Ireland in two. The people of Ulster were pushed to a northern section of Ireland bordering the Irish Sea, and their name was changed to Dal Riata. Eventually the Sons of Niall, the ruling family of Connaught, ruled the Dal Riata. Unhappy with the natural borders of the sea, they began to colonize the land of the Picts. Sunart Sapphire Sunart Sapphire Sunart Sapphire is a predominantly white, pink, blue and red tartan. This gorgeous tartan is part of the Bruicheath collection designed originally for Highland Dancers but now hugely popular for all sorts of clothing and interiors projects. We just love that shade of pink!