Golf Red Nose DayToday we celebrate Red Nose Day, the highlight of Comic Relief's ongoing appeal. Comic Relief was founded in 1985 by Richard Curtis and Lenny Henry, originally set up in response to famine in Ethiopia. The appeal now helps many charities designed to help young people, old people and very poor areas. Red Nose day involves the wearing of Red foam noses with various comical designs changed with each biennial celebration with themes such as the tomato nose, monster noses, and the hairy nose. This year there is a whole range the nose characters including Karate Konk, Astrosnort and the Snotty Professor. The full range of merchandise includes t-shirts, umbrellas and mugs all designed around the Red Noses. Red Nose Day involves a telethon held each March, on the BBC with programming beginning in the afternoon and the usual Schedule being suspended at 7pm for a live show which includes parodies of popular shows, films and comedy shows hosted by celebrity presenters. Traditionally to celebrate Red Nose Day many schools hold non-uniform days in which school children will instead wear something red as well as holding bake sales and other fundraising games and events. To celebrate the day with our very own tartan twist, we included our Red Nose day props in our Golf Photoshoot earlier this week. James models our Tartan Golf Trousers and Tartan Golf Cap in the Menzies Dress tartan along with our Red Nose Day glasses, even using a Red Nose as the Golf Ball.RedNoseGolf