Clan Kerr Quiz

Fancy a test of your Clan Kerr knowledge? Of course you do! Pit your wits against our latest quiz and find out if you know all the well known and lesser known facts about the mighty Clan Kerr. Thank you to the Clan Kerr website for the banner with the fabulous statement about their people "The boldest men and the hottest that I ever saw in any nation". Today's teenage interpretation of hot does not apply we assume as the Earl of Surrey is quoted from 1523 and he must mean the hot blood of his clan, famous for their fighting spirit.

Were you as good as you thought? Are you a true Kerr or do you need to dig out the Scottish history books? Why not see who else knows their stuff and share the quiz with the rest of the clan? If your score wasn't too hot then visit the latest blog to learn more about your favourite Clan Kerr.