We’ve had our wedding. We’ve had enough of the bubbly and the posh dresses have been put in the wardrobe for the time being. Time to relax at a less formal occasion. Next in our Shoes for Every Occasion series we look at smart casual and dressing down with a few top tips on how to incorporate a gorgeous pair of tartan shoes.

If you are like me and struggle with this look then hopefully this post will help. I have trouble finding something in between the ‘dog walking clothes’ and full out evening wear. How do some women manage to look so casually chic? What do you pull out of your wardrobe when you’re meeting your friends for lunch, going out for the day or attending that event where you are told to wear normal clothes and your ‘normal’ clothes are definitely not what they expect you to turn up in?

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So what are the fashionable out there wearing at the moment? Jumpsuits, jumpsuits, jumpsuits, culottes, pinafores, slim fit/ cigarette trousers, and textured knitwear.

Jumpsuits and Tartan Shoes

Team a simple black jumpsuit with Kitten Heels in Aberdeen Tartan or Pumps in Sunart Pink

Yes everyone is wearing jumpsuits, apart from me it would seem, I just can’t seem to pull it off. If you are lucky enough to be able to what are you going to wear with it? First suggestion would be Tartan Kitten Heels. Comfy and adorable. We even make them with a little strap now if you want to feel more secure or just love the ankle definition a strap gives you. Match your favourite tartan with a black jumpsuit and t-shirt or blouse for a great smart casual look. Going for a cooler playsuit then go for the Tartan Pumps.

tartan culottes and Tartan shoes

Featured Tartan Culottes in Wallace Modern

Culottes. I love culottes and they are on trend this summer. They have come a long way from what I used to wear at school and coincidentally tartan culottes have just arrived on ScotlandShop website! Anna has written a guide on the Tartan Invaded Trends blog in case you need any guidance on how to wear them. And going back to those ankle straps I am going to let you in to a little secret, culottes look fantastic with high heels with straps.

Tartan Pinafore and Tartan Shoes

Tartan Platform Court Shoe and Pinafore in Buccleuch Tartan

Pinafores are my other favourite in thing at the moment and can be worn by everyone. And coincidentally another tailored tartan item newly added to ScotlandShop.com! I love the option of wearing a polo neck or long sleeved top and flats for daytime and then transforming a pinafore into evening dress with heels and a nice necklace for the party later. Our Tartan Brogues would look great with a pinafore as well as our Tartan Wedge Heel Boots or Chelsea Boots. The other booted option is our Limited Edition Suede and Tartan Aberdeen or Patriot Boots, these are not custom made and are in stock so you could be wearing these down the street within a few short days!

Cigarette Trousers and Tratan Shoes

Platform Peep Toes in Menzies Black/ White Modern, Tartan Brogues in Stewart Royal and Platform Peep Toes in Stewart Dress Weathered

Cigarette trouser or slim cut jeans. The most versatile of clothing and will go with every tartan shoe. Add a little glamour and 50’s style with the Tartan Peep Toe or man it up with some Brogues. Kitten Heels will also look fabulous. I suggest that you stick to the plain coloured trousers when wearing your fab tartan shoes. We don’t want people being distracted too much from your feet after all!


Tartan Platform Peep Toes in Ailsa Yellow, Chelsea Boots in Clark Ancient and Brogues in Stewart Royal

My summer dresses, although I have loads rarely make an appearance. Sadly the weather in Scotland isn’t always in the direction of sunny and warm. With my summer dress my choice of summer shoes would probably be the Tartan Brogue. Picture this, a lovely lacy cream midi skater dress with some Stewart Royal Brogues. Looks fantastic doesn’t it? Or imagine a beautiful floaty dress with some Tartan Chelsea Boots. And what about the nautical knee length with some Peep toes. All great options and I’m sure they would all look good with the leggings too for the cooler days!

Now leave the wellies and go out and enjoy your day looking fantastic in you tartan shoes. Remember to let us know if you need any help with choosing or ordering your shoes and if you have any questions at all about our shoes or our other products.

How do you give your wellies the boot and dress up for the smart casual occasion? We'd love to hear you thoughts and suggestions!