Oh I do love Christmas and the excuse to do lots of shopping and give presents to those you love. Giving gifts is an important part of life and there is nothing quite like handing over something personal that you know will elicit ooh's and aah's from the recipient. So many of our customers come to us to buy gifts and we do like helping you all to find that tartan you remember from childhood or exploring your geneaology to decide which clan your family traces back to. Our gift wrap series is all about inspiring you to use tartan to make those carefully chosen gifts look extra special and this time we are simply adding a tartan arrow to the top of a gift bag. A plain or patterned craft paper gift bag which can be used again and again is transformed with a bit of imagination and a few scraps of fabric or ribbon.Tartan giftwrap arrows For this project we are using plain brown paper carrier bags, foliage, Crawford Ancient wool tartan ribbon, Pride of Scotland Autumn polyester ribbon and a single hole punch.
  1. Cut the wool ribbon into 6 inch lengths (you can use scraps of fabric if you don't have ribbon and fray the edges for a more natural effect)Tartan ribbon for giftwrap 2. At each end fold the ribbon in half and cut at an angle Tartan arrow gift bag 3. Once the gift is inside the bag close the top and place the wool ribbon band through the handle and punch a holeGiftwrapping in tartan 4. Feed the narrow ribbon through the hole and tie in the foliage and tie a bow to finishTartan gift ribbon
You can of course use a really swanky, glossy gift bag if you prefer but we loved the simplicity of this little bag and inside you can put all sorts of goodies, homemade tablet tied with matching ribbon, little luxuries like bubble bath and nail varnish. Lots of little gifts is so much fun and below we have a few ideas and Scottish favourites to fill your giftbag with. Scottish Gifts for ChristmasSo what are you waiting for? Order your tartan ribbon and start creating your own special gift bags.