An envelope is a great way to wrap all sorts of items, large or small, just adapt the size of your envelope to suit your gift. Use Christmas paper, craft paper, pug themed paper, whatever takes your fancy.

You will need: Not very much, simply some wrapping paper, scissors, double sided tape and a sprig of fir cones sprayed a festive gold, some holly cut from your tree, or even a few flowers, and of course tartan ribbon as a Christmas bow just has to be in tartan.

Tartan ribbon giftwrap
  1. Lay a rectangle of wrapping paper face down
  2. Crease your paper lightly into thirds
  3. Fold over the top and bottom edges to make nice clean lines (top tip, start neat and your wrap will end up looking super neat, messy edges cannot be repaired later)
  4. Add double sided tape to opposite sides of the first third
  5. Fold in horizontally, stick down and already this is starting to look like an envelope
  6. With the remaining third fold the corners in making triangles
  7. Fold over the last straight edge and add double sided tape
  8. Insert your gift and stick down
  9. Take your ribbon and cut to length (note, no trying to tie the bow and then cut, make a makeshift bow and cut the ribbon to length, then tie your bow and you will get on much better)
  10. Wrap your ribbon around your parcel, knot, insert your festive sprig and tie a lovely bow to hold it all in place Tartan giftwrap
  11. Trim the edges of your ribbon for a professional finish
This is the last in our how to gift wrap series and that means it must be nearly Christmas! When we film these videos it is summertime, hot outside and there is not a holly berry in sight, so it feels a little surreal, but now gift giving season is upon us and it is time to sit down in front of the fire and wrap up those carefully thought out parcels. We hope you have as much fun as we do learning new tricks and look forward to sharing more with you next year.