In need of a crafty challenge or keen to add a personal touch to your gift wrap this Christmas. Making your own gift bag is surprisingly easy and very effective, and that extra personal touch makes your presents that bit more special. We have had a lot of fun personalising this one here in the office! Emma added her own illustrations to simple brown craft paper, Emily added stickers, whereas I just cheated with themed paper for each member of the family, pugs, cats, hockey sticks and flowers, oh such fun choosing them all.

You will need: Craft paper or thick wrapping paper, scissors, double sided tape, nice wide tartan ribbon (we used 38mm wide) and a cardboard box or rectangular shape to cheat and build your bag around.

  1. Lay out your paper, pattern face down and trim to size to fit your box. If you have different sized gifts you will need different sized boxes to make your bags in a variety of dimensions.
  2. Check the size by folding around your box.
  3. Stick a line of double sided tape along the long side.
  4. Fold the paper around your box, creasing each edge firmly and press down to secure with the tape. You now have a rectangular shape with 2 open ends.
  5. Tuck one of the narrow ends in, creasing carefully for neat edges and stick down with double sided tape. Using double sided tape instead of sellotape makes everything look so professional with no tape on view and magically tidy joins.
  6. Remove your box and insert your gift
  7. Crease and bring together the top edges so your gift is safely stored inside (yes I forgot to put my gift in before the next step and had to unravel it all, so pay attention!)
  8. Fold over several times and stick down with double sided tape to keep any edges hidden from view
  9. Wrap your ribbon around the bag vertically, knot, slide your gift tag on and then tie your bow over the top. Trim the ends of your ribbon into a v cut to prevent fraying and give a professional finish.
  10. Trim the edges of your ribbon for a professional finish and there you have it, your very own gift bag.
We loved this glitter paper but you can use any kind of craft paper, or a thick wrapping paper will also work well and just imagine the themes you can come up with as there are some lovely papers available. Let us know if you find a tartan one! Send us your pics and share your ideas on our Instagram and Facebook pages.