Tartan and wedding carsTartan ribbon on wedding carScottish wedding partyTartan ribbon for wedding cars Thank you very much to our customer Performance Ride cars from Aberdeenshire who sent us these fabulous photos of our tartan ribbon on their wedding cars. The Pride of Scotland Platinum ribbon matching the bridal party's kilts looks so smart on the front of the fabulous cars. If you would like a wedding car with a difference, something luxurious, super-sporty or sophisticated then Performance Ride describe their choice of chauffeur driven luxury vehicles as "diverse; discerning or daring" and we are all dying for a trip in one of them. Of course it doesn't have to be a wedding...just choose a special occasion! If you are using your own car for your wedding then we have the following top tips to help you to attach the ribbon securely and avoid having your tartan flap around and fly off halfway to the wedding. Fold the full length of ribbon in half so that you know where the centre of the ribbon length is. Place the centre point of the ribbon under the bonnet of the car or through the front grill. Then guide one end of the ribbon across the top of the bonnet to the drivers side door with the door open. Pull enough ribbon through to reach the sun visors above the front driver seat, and tie the end of the ribbon to the bar holding the visor. You can tuck the end of the ribbon under the visor to keep it out the way. Or tie it to the grab handles on the inner roof of the car. Then do the same with the other side. We have created so many things with our tartan ribbon for Scottish weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and special events. Most importantly we can, along with a stock range of polyester tartan ribbon, make up various widths of ribbon for you in almost any tartan. We use a lightweight wool fabric and edge it so it does not fray and you can use this ribbon for table decorations, bouquets, cakes and of course wedding cars. So do not despair if you wear a MacLennan or Christie or Watson or other random tartan....we can help! If you tartan isn't on the list for wool tartan ribbon please email us or give us a ring as we can often source it for you.