Tartan is making quite the comeback this season with the iconic Scottish check spotted numerous times on the runway at New York Fashion Week. Designers are taking the fabric and adding their own personal twist, twinning it with different textures, pairing it with other patterns and combining multiple tartans. Read on to discover the modern spin individual designers have added to this traditional pattern.
Michael Kors Michael-Kors-Tartan-NYFW-2018 Michael Kors has definitely fallen in love with tartan and his collection featured the most check in all of NYFW. There was a wide range of patterns used throughout the collection including; leopard, paisley, floral, stripes, camouflage, polka dots and zebra print, with each look in the collection featuring a minimum of two of these motifs. Mixing different patterns makes for a bold look. The inspiration behind Michael Kors collection was to design an assortment of ‘favourite things’, items that people will start to pick up on a regular basis. It is hard to describe the theme because all the looks were so different, but it was quite clear there was an underlying tone of grunge throughout, with clunky footwear and the wide use of tartan. The tartans used throughout this collection were; MacLeod Dress Modern, Black Watch, Wallace and Erskine. Matthew Adams Dolan In the Matthew Adams Dolan collection tartan is paired with block colours. A minor colour has been taken from tartan to be used as the block colour, helping all the colours in the tartan to stand out. The designer has also made use of silhouettes to make the looks stronger. Bottega Veneta Tartan is used in the Bottega Veneta collection as a statement coat, and paired with other patterns and fabrics such as vinyl, leopard print or faux fur to create a bold look. 6397 6397 have gone completely versatile. The clothes have large and baggy silhouettes to suit any gender and body shape and tartan is the perfect pattern to create such a collection. Calvin Luo This designer decided to use one tartan and incorporate it into various looks. The full tartan outfits are broken up by colour blocking accessories, such as the yellow strappy heels that allow the colours in the tartan to really stand out. Priscavera Priscavera features tailored garments which are extremely flattering and made from the Montgomery Modern and the Angus Modern tartans. Two of the tartan looks are also made from vinyl. Now who would have thought that vinyl could look this good? We love the vinyl tartan skirt, extremely wearable and just gorgeous. Astrid Andersen With an underlying theme of western, Astrid Andersen mixed tartan in to create a truly unique collection. Using the vibrant yellow MacLeod Dress Modern, subtle Black Watch and other tartans. The Black Watch tartan has been paired with striped garments in similar colours to create streamlined looks, while the Macleod Dress tartan has been paired with colour block garments for bold statement looks. Monse New York Fashion Week Tartan is the main pattern used throughout the Monse collection, incorporated into each look in a number of different ways. The tartan has been used for slim and wide fit trousers, tailored coats, midi skirts, sock boots and an asymmetric top. This collection shows that tartan can look good in any product.
Take inspiration from these collections when making your next tartan purchase. Whether it is a statement coat, a tailored pair of trousers or even a pair of block heels we can certainly make it for you at ScotlandShop!