Can Tartan Ted make it from California to New York in time for the New York Tartan Day Parade on 6th April 2019?

If you are a rugby fan then you may have spotted that back in October, we ran a successful campaign where we made one of our tartan teddy bears up in the very famous former international and Scottish Rugby player, Doddie Weir's tartan and he travelled from Edinburgh to Cardiff visiting rugby clubs up and down the country to complete his journey. Now, relatively speaking the UK isn't really the biggest of countries so we wanted to make Ted's next challenge a little bigger!

Tartan Ted USA

This time Ted is heading Stateside to travel the USA, visiting as many States, Scottish Societies, Caledonian Clubs, Pipe Bands & American-Scots along the way. As much as we love Doddie'5 tartan, we thought that the United States St Andrews Tartan might be a little more appropriate for this challenge. The tartan was originally designed to commemorate the American Bi-Centennial but was later associated with the American St Andrews Societies.

Ted has flown out to California in time St Andrew’s Day to meet up with our friends at the North Coast Scottish Society. The Society have been part of the Humboldt County region of California for over 30 years and celebrate Scottish Ancestry and their love of all things Scottish through their almost monthly events.

North Coast Scottish Society

Ted is going to take on the Grand American - Coast to Coast route travelling East with the goal of reaching New York City by the 6th April 2019 to march down 6th Avenue with the ScotlandShop team at the Tartan Day Parade on 6th April. 2019 will be our first trip to Tartan Week and we can't wait to be following in Ted's footsteps by heading to New York. We are busy working on lots of exciting plans for the week so watch this space to find out where and when you'll be able to visit us in the city to fulfil all of your tartan desires.


We need to your help to get Ted to New York so please contact us if you can help him on his journey, give him a lift to the next society and keep him moving. Send him on tour with the local pipe band, take him for a spin at the Celidh or to compete at the Highland Games, just keep him moving.

Make sure you send in your photos, publicise your society and join in the fun. Please share Ted's story if you can. We've already had the first update from Ted after landing safely in California:

"Ted here. Just wanted my family to know I arrived safely in Eureka, California on Wednesday, 29-11-18 at 2 pm. Pacific Time. Chieftain Denise of the North Coast Scottish Society received me well. She took me to see the highlights. Woodley Island Marina, The Carson Mansion, and the Pink Lady. Tonight I go to their St. Andrews Celebration and will be with the Humboldt Highlanders Pipe Band and all her company. Write more soon and more photos to come."

Tartan Ted - United States St Andrews Tartan
Let's get Ted to New York for the Tartan Day Parade 2019. #TartanTedUSA