I know we're all sick of hearing about Brexit. We have been bombarded by it all for months and most of us are thinking for goodness sake, just get on with it! Anyway ... amidst it all you may have seen Theresa May's Brexit speech in her Vivienne Westwood Black Watch Modern tartan suit and you may have also heard words uttered such as 'Bay City Rollers' and 'Uncle Bulgaria'. When we saw a comment comparing Theresa May's suit to our very own Doddie Weir, we had to step in and say something! Here at ScotlandShop we love the tartan suit and we would like to take it back and defend it as a stylish addition to any woman's wardrobe, when worn correctly. Theresa May in a Black Watch Modern Suit Theresa May's suit is not stylish or flattering. Whether you love tartan or not the issue here is wide lapels on a lady with narrow shoulders and wide legged trousers that need super long legs and a spikey heel or a chunky flatform to carry them off. The unstructured, loose fit does not look 'business' enough for a Prime Minister who has the eyes of the world upon her. Maybe Theresa May should have taken some fashion tips from Rita Ora: Rita Ora in Stewart Royal Suit Rita Ora donned a Stewart Royal 3 piece suit at the Rimmel 180 year anniversary party. Designed by Moschino the slim cut/ skinny trousers are bang on trend and we like the masculine style femininely tailored and worn with some platform heels. Smart and stylish. We even love the bow tie. Nice touch Rita! Now this is only our opinion but we think Theresa May needs to go for a more feminine style, celebrate her trim physique, ditch the unflattering, wide legged cut of her suit and choose something more tailored. We're not expecting bow ties and platform heels but maybe a little more slim cut and fitted. We want a smarter, more decisive look from Theresa May. Power dressed and ready to run a country. Ladies, if you are looking to rock the 3 piece or 2 piece get on to ScotlandShop.com! Over 500 different tartans to choose from our suits are tailor made to your measurements and style preference and you don't need to fork out the hefty £1,190 that Theresa paid for hers. ScotlandShop Tartan Suit
How would you style your suit? Or do you have any fashion tips for Theresa May please let us know!