Famous for his green fingers and botanical knowledge everyone loves Alan Titchmarsh. From Grannies to young garden enthusiasts I mean who couldn’t love that cheeky smile? If you have been missing him on your screen don’t you worry our green fingered pin-up is back on our television helping transform the gardens of the deserving public with a new series of Love your Garden on ITV. Alan Titchmarsh Alan is no stranger to tartan! Last series you may remember he featured some Colquhoun Ancient Tartan in the garden of Sheila and Alex Colquhoun in Somerset. This week Alan and the team are heading to Bolton to the home of Scot Caroline Hall, an RSPCA officer, whose garden has slowly turned into a wilderness after she suffered a near-fatal spinal stroke. Love Your Garden transforms this wasteland into a fantastic animal friendly haven that Caroline can access freely and enjoy including incorporating a comfortable summerhouse complete with fabulous Isle of Skye Tartan Accessories! Isle of Skye Tartan rugs feature in ITV's Love Your Garden Being a massive Alan Titchmarsh fan and having a garden that I have been calling a ‘wildlife garden’ because I haven’t got round to buying a lawnmower I will be welcoming the helpful advice of Alan and his team. So if like me you’re in desperate need of inspiration and motivation to tidy up your trellises, liven up your lawn and perk up your Petunias tune your TV on to ITV on Tuesday 19th July at 8pm. Isle of Skye Tartan Cushions
Do you have some ideas on how to incorporate tartan into your garden? We’d love to hear your plans.