We've had a few dreamy moments over the last 10 days gazing out of the window as giant flakes of snow were falling. Nothing can beat that feeling of silence when you step out the door and just stand in a whole new white world.
Snow falling We don't really want snow as it causes all sorts of issues with Couriers and staff getting to work on our little rural roads, but somehow that doesn't change the fact that we all love the white stuff. It hasn't come to much to be honest but most of us managed some sledging at the weekend and a break from the rain for some cold and frost has been a welcome one. Best of all is the chance to get out your favourite winter woollies. We made my husband a fur lined Trapper Hat in his MacGregor tartan a few years ago and he always brings it out ready for the annual snow-boarding trip, hence the inspiration for this post. What makes the finest trapper hat? How do the world's leading brands find that winning combination of style and warmth, and where do some of the price tags come from? We have included a range from £34.99 to $595. Best Trapper Hats1. Inspired by a request from a Canadian customer we made our first Tartan Trapper Hat in 2013 and as it continues to be a favourite over the winter months it has remained on the range in it's original form. We use our great quality wool fabric (breathable, naturally water resistant and lovely and warm) lined with satin and finished off with a luxurious faux fur to keep your ears warm. 2. Our most competitively priced Trapper comes from Barts, the hat brand currently taking over the world. The Faux Fur Rib Bomber Trapper Hat has a corduroy finish which Emma here in the office is a big fan of. Apparently Bart began his business in 1992 selling hand-made shorts to the rich and famous on the beaches. His travels took him to colder climes and he became famous for his winter accessories. 3. We do love a bit of cashmere and Neiman Marcus has combined our favourite cable knit and the superb warmth and comfort of pure cashmere with a luxurious fox fur from Finland. We love the extra detail of the buckle chin strap rather than a simple tie. 4. Well it is our blog so another of ours in a more feminine tartan, the Scotland Forever, for the ladies who love to play in the snow. 5. Our most expensive trapper comes from designer Adrienne Landau and if you love paisley then this will be your favourite. Adrienne was a painter and brings her artistic talents to her designs. This trapper has natural fox fur for the trim which is unbelievably soft and warm but may not be to everyone's taste. Scotland Forever Tartan Trapper HatAre you a lover of the trapper hat? Instagram us your favourites styles and photos or add them to our Pinterest board.